Flight Reservation

Where to book your flight:

  • Travel agents
  • Air carriers’ agencies and branches
  • By phone from the airline or from the travel agent
  • On the Internet, where provided for by individual airlines

Passengers are entitled to receive from the airline, or its representatives, information on:

  • Airlines that actually operate the connection, and types of aircraft
  • Flight schedules and fares with relevant rules
  • Modes of assistance to disabled passengers and unaccompanied minors
  • Communication of the reservation code (“PNR” – Passenger Name Record)

If you book at a travel agent, you may request a printout of the reservation system (CRS), in order to check all airlines covering a route, either point to point or with a stop over, and all relevant rates. The reservation is only finalized after ticket issuance.

The transport contract is finalized with a PURCHASED TICKET, to be used within the period specified at the time of booking. Passengers have the right to be informed by the airline or by its representatives on regulations governing transportation.

In case of electronic tickets (electronic purchasing system) instead of a paper ticket, after obtaining the boarding pass at check-in desks, passengers are entitled to receive from the airline a receipt of the journey (Itinerary Receipt) with passenger’s details, flight info and the same information contained in the paper ticket.


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